Lehrstuhl für Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte

    Gastvortrag: "Linked Open Data: Unchain your Corpora"


    Die CLiGS Forschungsgruppe des Lehrstuhls der Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte an der Universität Würzburg lädt zu einem Gastvortrag von Helena Bermúdez und Pablo Ruiz ein.


    The relationships between European literatures are so relevant and intrinsic to the development of individual literary traditions that it is practically impossible to analyse a national literature or a specific genre without taking into account related traditions. In this sense, enabling search queries that overcome linguistic and   national boundaries make new research questions possible. In order to make efficient comparisons between literary traditions at a comprehensive level, it is necessary to implement a technological paradigm that would enhance interoperability between different literary databases. The POSTDATA project has chosen the Semantic Web as this paradigm and is currently working on creating the means for the European Poetry community to publish their data as Linked Open Data. Our talk will discuss those topics and will also present some results on how to enrich a literary corpus with linked data regarding literary phenomena as well as linguistic annotations obtained manually or automatically.


    Helena Bermúdez Sabel is pursuing her PhD in Medieval Studies at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Her research focuses on digital scholarly editing using XML technologies and how these   methods may be employed for Historical Linguistics. She is currently working for the ERC-funded Project "Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data" (POSTDATA) in the Laboratorio de Innovación en   Humanidades Digitales (LINHD-UNED).

    Pablo Ruiz completed a PhD in 2017 at PSL|ENS in Paris, working on contributions of Natural Language Processing technologies to corpus navigation in Digital Humanities application cases. He then joined the ERC-funded POSTDATA project (Poetry Standardization and Linked Open Data), at UNED's Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales (LINHD). He's working on computational linguistic   annotations of literary phenomena, such as metrics or enjambment, on evaluating automatic annotations, and on digital corpus development.


    Ort: Zentrales Seminar- und Hörsaalgebäude (ZHSG), Raum 1.004, Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg

    Zeit: 25.04.2018, 18:00 Uhr