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    Lehrstuhl für Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte

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    The Chair for Digital Humanities (Lehrstuhl für Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte) will hold its 8th <philtag> on October 1 and 2.


    Universität Würzburg,
    Am Hubland, Philosophiegebäude,
    Hörsaalbau, Ü(bungsraum) 11 (ground floor).

    Please follow the signs!

    map and directions

    Information: accommodation and travel.


    Thursday, October 1

    14:00 Coffee

    15:00 Address of welcome + E. Pierazzo (King's College, London): "Digital Documentary Editions: a rational"

    15:45 M. Rehbein (Galway, Ireland): "Representation of a Living Text - the Digital Edition of a Medieval Law Book"

    16:30 Coffee

    17:00 L. Haas (Universität Würzburg): "Roman Military Diplomas. A Model Edition for Latin Epigraphical Texts, Considering Philological and Historical Aspects"

    17:45 J. Wintjes (Universität Würzburg): "Inscriptions of Aphrodisias (IAph2007) - The future of epigraphy?"

    19:30 Juliusspital

    Friday, October 2

    09:00 C. Fritze (DTA, BBAW): "The German Text Archive - insights and outlook"

    09.45 K. Price (Walt Whitman Archive): "Walt Whitman, the American Civil War, and the Trajectory of The Walt Whitman Archive"

    10:30 Coffee

    11:00 D. van Hulle (Belgien): "Digital architecture of the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project"

    11:45 F. Jannidis, G. Middell, M. Wissenbach (Faust-Projekt): "Goethe's Faust- the first steps towards the digital edition"

    12:30 Lunch at the Hubland-refectory

    14:00 J. Kepper, B. Bohl (Uni Paderborn/Detmold): "Rewriting the critical apparatus - specific issues from a musicological perspective and their consequences for future critical editions"

    14:45 Conclusion

    15:30 End


    1. Blümm, Mirjam (TextGrid)
    2. Bohl, Benjamin (Edirom, Uni Paderborn/Detmold)
    3. Brüning, Gerrit (Faustprojekt)
    4. Dogaru, George (TextGrid)
    5. Fritze, Christiane (DTA, BBAW)
    6. Fügmann, Dagmar (Franz-Bretano-Forschungsstelle)
    7. Haas, Lorenz (Uni Würzburg, Alte Geschichte)
    8. Henke, Katrin (Faustprojekt)
    9. Hoffmann, Daniel (Uni Würzburg)
    10. van Hulle, Dirk (Belgien)
    11. Jannidis, Fotis (Uni Würzburg)
    12. Kepper, Johannes (Edirom, Uni Paderborn/Detmold)
    13. Kluge, Alexander (Jean-Paul-Projekt)
    14. Middell, Gregor (Faustprojekt)
    15. Moser, Stephan (Uni Würzburg)
    16. Naser, Christian (Jean-Paul-Projekt)
    17. Nassourou, Mohamadou (TextGrid)
    18. Pempe, Wolfgang (SUB, TextGrid)
    19. Pierazzo, Elena (King's College London)
    20. Pravida, Dietmar (Faustprojekt)
    21. Price, Kenneth (Walt Whitman Archive, USA)
    22. Radermacher, Eva (Uni Würzburg, WisNetGrid)
    23. Rehbein, Malte (Galway, Ireland)
    24. Rettelbach, Simon (Uni Trier, TextGrid)
    25. Schmid, Oliver (Uni Trier, TextGrid)
    26. Stahl, Peter (Uni Würzburg)
    27. Straub, Sabine (Uni Würzburg, Jean-Paul-Projekt)
    28. Vitt, Thorsten (TextGrid)
    29. Wegstein, Werner (TextGrid)
    30. Wintjes, Jorit (Uni Würzburg, Alte Geschichte)
    31. Wissenbach, Moritz (Faustprojekt)

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    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg

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