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Sektion: Beyond Translation: Early Modern European Adaptations of Sebastian Brant's 'Ship of Fools' (International Medieval Congress 2022, Leeds)

Datum: 05.07.2022, 21:04 - 07.04.2022, 21:13 Uhr
Kategorie: 05010100-Lst. deutsche Philologie, Startseite, EXT00280, EXT00280-Startseite, Vorankündigungen
Veranstalter: Thomas Baier, Brigitte Burrichter, Joachim Hamm, Sieglinde Hartmann

International Medieval Congress (Univ. Leeds) 2022

This session showcases exciting new work in the digital edition of the early modern ‘Ship of Fools’. Young researchers explore the intersection of German, French, and English literature. The first paper highlights the essentials of digitizing and presenting early modern texts in Latin and in several European languages. The second paper deals with various linguistic changes between Sebastian Brant’s first edition of the ‘Ship of Fools’ (Basel 1494) and its Nuremberg edition (1494). The third paper focusses on marginalia and transtextuality in Drouyn's ‘Nef des fols’ (Lyon 1499). The fourth paper investigates two different concepts of authorship in the two English ‘Ships of Fools’ (London 1509).

Von Thomas Baier, Brigitte Burrichter, Joachim Hamm, Sieglinde Hartmann